Muditar Zone (Fund Donation)

January 2020,

To perform successfully in the race, religion, sãsãnã affairs and charity works, Mal Kan Kaung from Thailand donated the funds 300.000 kyats for Won Tha Nu Dhamma Lecture Abbot U Wira Thu.

The donor family and the audiences, who rejoice for the donation, may all beings be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfilled of wishes in life.

Ven Vicitta Bhivamsa “Ashin Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)” is currently doing following projects.

  • Law Ka A Linn Free Education School (located at “Mya Yee Nandar” quarter, “Chan Mya Thar Se” township in Mandalay.)
  • NAGANI Money Saving Box Association (for the needy people),

(a) “Ma La Kar Chan” quarter, “Mahar Aung Myay” township

(b) “Aung Thar Yar” quarter, “Chan Mya Thar Se” township

(c)  “Zaza (34)” quarter, “Chan Mya Thar Se” township

(d) “Sa” quarter, “Pyi Gyi Ta Khon” township

  • Myanmar Worker’s Rescue Association (for the children, girls and boys who were working without their desire at delinquent employers.)
  • Publishing “Pyi Chi Thar” journal
  • “Parami Pyo Khin” Blood Donation Group
  • Min Gun Pahtodawgyi Monastery Education School and various charity works.
  • Wira Thu Foundation

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